12 Kilometers
production coordinator

Big Y Commercial
Producer's Assistant

NEAq Beach Cleanup

Between the Lines
Director/Executive Producer

Prospective Release Date: TBD

Below is a rough cut promo:

NESN Red Sox Reel
Camera Operator

The Wounds we cannot see
Associate Producer

The Wounds We Cannot See tells the gripping story of Nancy Ross who while serving in the United States Navy was violently raped. Battling PTSD, addiction, and depression every day Nancy must choose to live life either as a victim or as a survivor in this performative and expository documentary.

To the Greatest Woman I know
Director, Producer, Cinematographer, editor

For my Intro to Video Field Production class we were assigned a montage project. We had to tell a story using 15-25 shots with NO DIALOGUE or MUSIC. The point was to be able to tell a story visually without music or dialogue carrying the weight of the story. We could, however, use voice over while reciting a poem or letter to help move the imagery along. 

Inspired by an amazing woman in my life this montage is dedicated to her. 

Video, sound design, writing, editing, producing were all done by myself. 
Finalized audio mix done by Ryan Munnis. 
Grip: Juan Vistro.  

Spirit of Freedom
Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

My first student film at Emerson College.