Community college success story. Working hard to make her hobbies a career.

Sarah grew up in front and behind the camera. Her father who used to write scripts for Warner Brothers introduced Sarah to the world of cinema at a very young age. At four years old Sarah would cuddle up on the couch to watch Aliens, Terminator 2, and Predator while also getting a lesson in special effects, editing, and cinematography. When Sarah wasn't watching movies with her father (or role playing as Hicks, her father playing Ripley, naturally) she would read through her father's collection of scripts, practice writing her own, and run around with a VHS camcorder filming for various productions. Before she even knew the terminology Sarah was bringing her imagination to life by writing screenplays, casting roles, directing, filming, and editing the final product. From pre-post production Sarah saw her projects through.

As Sarah grew older she took several acting courses at New England Models Group located in Manchester, NH and made several minor appearances in feature films, music videos, commercials, and short films. She also worked full time as a stagehand where she gained valuable experience working behind the scenes assisting and training under lighting technicians, audio engineers, and stage managers. It was during this time that Sarah decided to set out on her journey, which wasn't without hurdles, to pursue an education and build a career in the field of her dreams.

Though her house from the outside projected a perfect life, the reality on the inside was far from perfect. Not only did Sarah lose her mother to cancer at the age of 4, but she was raised by her father who suffered from alcoholism and bipolar disorder. When problems at home got to be too much Sarah dropped out of high school and received her GED. Having been on her own since the age of 17 and living paycheck to paycheck, Sarah never thought pursuing her dreams or an education was a realistic goal. It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom, overcame homelessness, and found herself tired of being unhappy with her situation that she realized time was going to pass her by no matter how she spent it. She knew in that moment it was time to make a better life for herself. Sarah had reservations about continuing her education as she would be close to 30 upon graduating. By 30, she thought, “I should already have a career-- not be starting one.” A good friend advised her to put down the watch and take out the compass. It was then that Sarah became Emerson bound.

Sarah graduated Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) on June 1st 2013 with an associates degree in General Concentration. Sarah's experience at BHCC has awakened her to her talents, potential and purpose. Sarah has demonstrated leadership by: speaking to high school guidance counselors against the negative stigma of community college; advocating for public higher education at the State House and against the Community College Reform; speaking to new students as a mentor about her experience in order to establish a connection and inspire them to discover themselves; as well as by representing the student's voice as Senator at Large for the Student Government Association. Getting involved in things she never imagined for herself has shown Sarah that her voice is valued, important, and has power.

Sarah continued her formation as a person and artist at Emerson College where she graduated with her BA in Studio Television Production. Having three years of experience producing freelance and student films, Sarah became a professional freelance producer and director in September of 2014, working with various clients in Boston including, Cakewalk, New England Aquarium, and McFarland & Pecci. Additionally, Sarah has had ample experience with remote TV production from her internship with NESN at Fenway Park with The Boston Red Sox. 

By putting the lens on herself and reflecting on everything she has been through, Sarah is inspired to put the lens on other people to help them examine what is underneath. Sarah believes in giving a voice to the voiceless and uses filmmaking as a means to advocate. Sarah wants to open the hearts and minds of others; she wants to make people feel and make people think. Sarah wants to empower others to think outside of the box and to explore the world around them in order to find their own truth.